DuenShine Resort Hotel. Kwai Yai River, Kanchanaburi                                       Language :
Seminarroom on Duenshine Resort Kwai Yai Kanchanaburi
Duenshine Resort Kanchanaburi A training room, conference room, banquet room. Offers 3 rooms with facilities to support
the conference. Kanchanaburi, complete with WiFi Internet device projector audio conference room can be arranged by
request. Of seminars and the raising of all kinds for every occasion. The Wedding Banquet Party. A small group or large
group seminars available. Snacks during the seminar with a dessert bakery, or get a delicious snack is also Thai sweets such
as sugarcandy addcandy clear Snack nuts a minute. Bualoy Vietnamese ginger And many more to make the seminar in Kanchanaburi. Your happiness..