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Facilities on Duenshine Resort Kwai Yai Kanchanaburi
Swimming Pool | Restaurant | Activities | wifi | Food & Drink | Tours | Massage

Pool adjacent to the Kwai Yai river, you can enjoy. The pool with beautiful views.
Around the pool was very happy.

Moon River Restaurant Haoon next to the Kwai Yai River you can dine as well as
appreciation. Scenery around. Dining room to enjoy the restaurant will be open from
time 10.00 am - 21.00 pm

Canoeing activities you can enjoy canoeing on the River Kwai Yai.

Free Internet service for its customers. Portable notebook itself.

With food, beverages and service a wide variety of categories.

Duen Shine Resort. Kanchanaburi tour service. Organize group tours to see the
event here. Kanchanaburi to see the bridge over the River Kwai.  Read More

Thai massage for health and relaxation of travel.