DuenShine Resort Hotel. Kwai Yai River, Kanchanaburi                                           Language :
Only 7 km away from downtown Kanchanaburi,You will
find Duenshine Resort located directly on famous
Kwai Yai River in Kanchanaburi with abundance of
nature-rich environment Accommodations is comprised
of 3 room types equipped with river facilities, refrigerator,
hot/cold shower, air-conditioner, and television.
Hotel Facilities DuenShine Resort Kanchanaburi
- Seminar rooms with standard meeting equipment.
- Major Event and Team building facilities.
- Themed parties and Wedding receptions.
- Campfire facilities.
- Swimming pool.
- Floating Rafts.
- Free Internet access for in-house guests.
- Variety of delicious Food.
- Thai massage for rejuvenation and relaxation.
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Duenshine Garden View f
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Duenshine Bungalow a
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Duenshine Resort Swimming Pool
Duenshine Resort Restaurant
Duenshine Resort Thai Massage

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Special Promotion

Study Kanchanaburi.
Duen Shine Resort Provide advice and contacts. Facility or agency OTOP for customers who want to study in kanchanaburi. To meet your needs, please contact the. Duenshine Resort Tel. 034-653369
Sample the study
Raft Kanchanaburi.
One of the activities in the name of Kanchanaburi is rafting Karaoke. For tourists and Kanchanaburi.
But never touch it rafting. Not as yet come to town Kan. Duenshine Resort offers a large raft downstream. Standard large parking pad only months projected resort. evening rafting fun. employees take care of food and drink
Stay comfortable night sleep. cool with air conditioning and safe to touch, month screening Duenshine Resort. visit our
customers enjoy the atmosphere at the resort rafting month projection. http://www.youtube.com/duenshineresort
Attractions Kanchanaburi.
While you are the Duen Shine Resort you could visit various tourist attractions sites such as bridge over the River Kwai,
War Cemetery Erawan Waterfall, KingNaresuan Movies Studio, Srinakarin Dam, Sai Yok Waterfall, and Tiger Tample.
Duenshine Resort Kanchanaburi A training room.
conference room, banquet room. Offers 3 rooms with facilities to support the conference. Kanchanaburi, complete with
WiFi Internet device projector audio conference room can be arranged by request. Of seminars and the raising of all
kinds for every occasion. The Wedding Banquet Party. A small group or large group seminars available. Snacks during
the seminar with a dessert bakery, or get a delicious snack is also Thai sweets such as sugarcandy addcandy clear Snack
nuts a minute. Bualoy Vietnamese ginger And many more to make the seminar in Kanchanaburi. Your happiness..
Commercial filming movie King Naresuan.
Duen Shine Resort from 15 minutes you will find plants taken 3 Prommrit film studio in the camp Surasi Kanchanaburi
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Pat comfortable sleeping rooms, Pat month screening resort.
Great atmosphere along the Kwai YaiRiver. Relax on a raft and non-standard rooms. Raft Disaster comfortable with full
facilities. Air conditioning tv, refrigerator, bathroom.With hot water.Conveniently close to nature. To stay at the
pad..Duenshine Resort Kanchanaburi
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